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Ours is the original UK Initial Response search management course based on the Six Step Process. We will be teaching it again here in Northumberland in November 2014. More information is available under 'training courses'.
We will again be offering a subsidy to MRT / SART volunteers. Let us know via this website if you would be interested.

We are a UK registered charity carrying out research and training in areas relating to searching for lost and missing persons.

We offer a number of training courses in incident management, search management and search skills; these are appropriate for statutory and civilian organisations operating in a variety of different types of terrain, from urban to wilderness.

One of our ongoing activities is the UK Missing Person Behaviour Study.

We have a body of published work that covers a range of search and SAR (Search and Rescue) related topics.

Contact us if you need any further information; we will be pleased to help.

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