Published Papers

  1. 2018: The Variable Nature of Probability of Detection for Ground Search Teams

    This paper looks at how PoDs for ground search teams are likely to vary due to factors that are beyond their control. The study is based on the analysis of data from two field experiments.

  2. 2017: Exercise Northumberland Research Report

    This is the official report relating to Exercise Northumberland.

  3. 2015: The O'Donnell Theory

    A summary by Bryn Elliott of the 1987 Home Office field trials to compare the times, costs and success rates of searching on foot and from the air conducted by Dr S. O'Donnell.

  4. 2015: ICT in Search and Rescue

    An overview of a range of ICT applications used in SAR. This document is a component of the company's Initial Response Search Management course.

  5. 2013: Probability of Detection for the Search Manager

    This paper was produced to accompany a presentation made at the 2013 Arizona State SAR Conference.

  6. 2011: Some Consequences of a Computer Model to Simulate the Performance of a Land SAR Searcher

    Discusses the outcomes of a computer simulation of a searcher, including the relationship between sweep width and critical separation, long range detections, and the effect of purposeful wandering.

  7. 2009: Inter-agency rescue

    This article describes work done with a number of police forces in connection with missing person searches.
    Copyright IHS (Global) Limited 2009, Jane's Police Review. Photographs reproduced with permission.

  8. 2008: Why do people get lost?

    A paper presented by Ged Feeney, an Associate of The Centre for Search Research, at the 2008 UK MR conference. It describes a survey by the author to follow up incidents involving missing hikers reported in 2007 as part of the UK Missing Person study.

  9. 2008: Lost and overdue: issues when children are missing

    This is a Powerpoint presentation delivered by Pete Roberts at the 2008 UK MR conference. It deals with issues relating to searching for missing children, in particular the information that is available in a variety of missing person databases.

  10. 2008: New issues in searching: UK MR conference

    A Powerpoint presentation by Dave Perkins at the 2008 UK MR conference. It deals with estimating field team POD by means of critical separation and the critical separation POD graph.

  11. 2008: Critical Separation and POD for Grid Searching by a land SAR Field Team

    This paper uses ideas from the earlier papers on critical distance to show how critical separation can be used to provide an estimate of POD for grid searching by a land SAR field team. The method described uses field procedures and simple calculations.

  12. 2008: The critical distance POD curve

    This is a full page version of the graph for the critical distance method, together with a table of the values on which it is based for users who prefer to use a table of values rather than graph.

  13. 2008: The Critical Distance Method

    This paper describes a procedure that gives land SAR planners the ability to use search theory to estimate grid search PODs, using a value for sweep width that is found by the field team

  14. 2008: Lateral Range Curves, Search Probabilities and Grid Searching

    This paper explains how an understanding of lateral range curves is a good starting point for understanding the application of search theory to land SAR. Co-authored with David Lovelock

  15. 2005: Sector Ladder

    The original Sector Ladder document was published in 1994. This is a re-presentation of the original; the only changes made have been to tidy up the language in places.

  16. 2004: Use of Scenarios in Search Management

    This document discusses the use of scenarios in search management. Note that the PowerPoint slide show that originally accompanied this document is no longer available.

  17. 2003: Searching at night

    This is an extract from the field skills course run by The Centre for Search Research. It deals with the principles of night vision, suitable lighting and suggested tactics.

  18. 2003: Critical Separation

    This is an extract from the handbook that accompanies The Centre for Search Research search skills training course. It deals with searcher spacing and critical separation. There is a discussion about searching in different phases of an incident.

  19. 2001: Observations From UK Dog Training Data

    The assessment of air scenting search dogs in the UK generates a great amount of numerical data. This paper looks at some of the statistics that can be derived from this data.

  20. 1998: Establishing the Search Area

    The paper considers some misunderstandings in the use of distance travelled data from missing person statistics. By examining the original work done by Syrotuck in the 1970's, the paper develops an alternative method.

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