Training Courses

  1. 2018 November courses

    This document gives information about this year's November courses including fees and how to make a booking.

  2. Field Search Skills

    This course covers the basic field search skills needed by a member of a SAR team. It consists of classroom sessions together with outdoor practical work in daylight and at night.

  3. Field Search Skills - additional information

    A page of useful information for anyone hosting our Field Search Skills course.

  4. General course information

    This gives you information to help you to organise a training course.

  5. Incident Management - After the Initial Response

    This course deals with issues relating to the management of a missing person incident on day 2 onwards. Participants need to have attended our course on managing the initial response.

  6. Incident Management - Managing the Initial Response

    This course deals with the management of the vital first few hours of a missing person incident.

These course documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader and may be read online or downloaded.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the .pdf files. To read the PDF document with a screen reader please link to the Access Adobe website which provides useful tools and resources. Adobe also has a free online conversion tool for PDFs.