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  1. 2015 A study of people with dementia reported as missing during 2012 and 2013 held on the Northumbria Police Integrated Computerised Communications System

    This study provides statistics to assist with the rapid location of people with dementia who are reported missing in the Northumbria Police area.

  2. 2014 Search Tactics for the Immediate Response

    Guidelines for the first 2 hours of a search based on statistics from the 2011 UK Missing Person Behaviour Study. Can be used by people with a minimum amount of search management training.

  3. 2012 Fatal and non-fatal incidents: an investigation into some differences in relation to the 2011 report from the UK Missing Person Behaviour Study

    This report examines the data used to produce the 2011 UK MPB statistics. It shows that there are significant differences between fatal and non-fatal incidents with regard to the location found and distance found from LKP. These are important findings.

  4. 2009 Tracing reports of lost or found canoes and kayaks

    A short report by Harry Ashcroft (Kendal MSRT) about two useful websites that hold data on lost or missing canoes and kayaks. Very useful if there is the possibility of a search for a missing person resulting from an empty canoe or kayak being found.

  5. 2007 Missing Persons: the Grampian Police study

    The Grampian Police missing person study, by Graham Gibb and Dr Penny Woolnough. Contains statistics derived from a number of UK incidents involving missing children and persons with various mental disorders, plus some observations on their behaviour.

  6. How to use Lost Person Behaviour Info

    A discussion on the use of scenarios based on information from the UK missing person statistics study in incident management.

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