Who Are We?

Dave Perkins and Pete Roberts have been involved in Search and Rescue as members of the Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team since the early 1970s.

They formed The Centre for Search Research in 1997 to enable them to pursue their interest in topics and techniques relating to searching and search management. The company became a UK registered charity in the same year.

The Centre for Search Research has been involved in a variety of activities, for example:

  • developing and teaching incident management courses
  • developing and teaching search field skills courses
  • analysis of the data and production of the regular reports for the UK missing persons behaviour study
  • lecturing and presenting on a number of SAR topics at conferences in the UK and overseas

Carl Hamilton, a long-standing member of the Northumberland National Park Mountain Rescue Team, joined the company in 2012.

The following are Associate Members of The Centre for Search Research:

  • Ged Feeney (former Incident Statistics Officer, MREW)
  • Vincent Farr (Irish Coast Guard, Crosshaven)
  • Niall Fearns and Tim O'Keefe (Sector Managers, Irish Coast Guard)
  • Rick LaValla (ERI International)
  • Professor Ken Hill (Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  • Bob Pattison (Former Trustee)
  • John Steele (Former Trustee)
  • Steve Wood (Mapyx)